Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mrs. Dash Substitute

So since Rob has to lower his intake of salt, and I'm trying a new diet according to my blood type, I thought I'd go to Shop and Save and buy some ingredients including Mrs. Dash.  It wasn't that expensive, about $4.  When I looked at the ingredients though in the bottle, I realized I practically have almost every ingredient minus the lemon zest and carrot peel.  So I decided to just go home and make my own out of the spices I already have in my cupboard.

Mama Be's Salt Free Seasoning

About 1 tablespoon of each of these spices:

Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Rosemary Leaves
Ground Mustard
Lemonade Mix

Mix through processor to grind rosemary leaves or just shake bottle if you want to keep them intact.  Save the empty spice jars when you run out.  Its easier to store your spice creations in.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Book

There are times when you pick out a new book and you keep reading and reading and you can't seem to put it down.  "Chasing the Dragon" was not ones of those books.  Every time I picked it up, I kept going back to page one and re-reading chapter one.  It was time to move on.  So I changed gears and did something a bit more related to recipes:  Martha Stewart.  This book I picked up at Dollar Tree.  Its basically Martha's guidelines for a solid foundation for a good business.  So far I've gone through Chapter 1 in about 5 minutes.  My interest is peaked and I'm writing down some notes since Martha does know a thing or two about keeping a successful business.