Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy Be.

So true to my busy life, I wasn't able to get to the next recipe. I bought all those ingredients but yet I have been spending more time with the folks. I guess I just want to treasure the time that they are still here. So Mama Mila has been fattening us up with homemade soup, rice, and chicken adobo. I do however still have that leftover pork from the "Brown Sugar Pork Roast Slow Cooker Style" recipe. Today since my family especially my son LOVES meat, I have put the Pork back into the crackpot, letting it heat up in its own juices then added about 2 tbsp of Brown Sugar and 2 cups of BBQ. This will be good tomorrow afternoon for some Pulled Pork Sandwiches!

I also had some catfish nuggets I defrosted. I don't want to leave them too long in the fridge so I seasoned them with Vegeta, Pepper, & Dill. Laid out the catfish nuggets on a waxed covered sheet and baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. Saving this for some fish tacos tomorrow!

I am also going to attempt to making some Butternut Squash soup tonight!

Yes, I am cleaning out the fridge. I absolutely HATE wasted food. I know where my dad came from and I know how I grew up. Food is the one thing you shouldn't waste if you have enough to buy what you want! It just doesn't make sense. Especially with all the people I see begging on the streets! I did donate some money to St. Jude's when I was shopping with my mom at New York & Company. Anything to help save a kid's life.

Well let me get off my soapbox and continuing cleaning my kitchen and making more food!

"Just keep swimming..." Finding Nemo.

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